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Visibility Out Loud

Week 2

July 9, 2019

I’m not really comfortable talking about my life and LGBTQ+ issues out loud and in public so this second instalment of Four × Pride aims to push me out of my comfort zone and into a Q&A.

I wanted to do this because I think an important part of visibility is being able to confidently and comfortably talk about the things that matter. I deeply admire those who can. So, in this video, where I squirm during the harder parts and say “umm” a little too much, I answer 6 questions about segmentation/segregation in society, misogyny in the LGBTQ+ community and my experiences with it, internalised homophobia, coming out and how to deal with conservative parents. There’s no fancy editing or funny little annotations, just me talking as openly as I can.

Also, I’m sorry about the poor webcam video quality, it was the best I could do with my current setup. I decided to sacrifice video quality for the best sound I could get. Maybe you could listen to it like a podcast? Anyway, I hope it’s okay enough, I tried!

P.S. If you’ve been following this project closely you’ll notice that this second instalment is way behind schedule - it’s not even Pride month anymore! Unfortunately, I fell sick in the second week of June and then lost my voice. Then, life kept going and I fell behind. I was also probably a little afraid of doing this. This project is important to me so in order to give it the effort I believed it deserved, I decided to park it until I could give it my all, which is now. It might not be Pride month anymore but these conversations are important to have all year round. Thank you for being patient with me 💖.

This is a 4-part Pride month project. Each week I’ll be producing something new in an effort to push myself to be more visible, and feel comfortable doing so. If you’d like to support this project and the issues it surfaces, please consider donating to my fundraiser. All proceeds will go towards Minus18 and Black Rainbow.